• Temp-Rite Ltd retains ownership of all goods supplied until full payment is made. 
    In the event of default, Temp-Rite Ltd reserves the right to obtain possession of such goods wherever they may be and the customer/dealer will bear all collection and/or legal costs.
  • Payment is due as per the terms stated on the invoice.  All Past Due accounts are subject to a finance charge of 2 ½% per month or part thereof.
  • Exchanges and/or Returns will only be permitted if the item is in its original, sealed box.  A restocking fee of 15% of the value of the item will be levied on all returns.


McQuay Mini Split Air Conditioning Units sold by Temp-Rite Ltd are warrantied against manufacturer’s defects. 
To maintain this warranty, the unit must be serviced every four (4) months by Temp-Rite Ltd.

  • Standard Warranty (included in cost of unit)
    Five (5) years on compressor and two (2) years on parts
  • The warranty does not cover damage due to careless handling, abuse, voltage or phase fluctuations and failure to adhere to recommended maintenance schedule.


Myth: You don’t need to regularly service your air-conditioning, you only need to get it checked when it breaks down.
Fact: Some believe that this is a waste of time and money, but it’s in fact the opposite. Scheduling maintenance on your system will help keep it running longer and more efficiently. Maintenance tasks make the system run smoother, therefore using less energy.

Myth: Duct tape is good for sealing ducts.
Fact: Duct tape has many great uses. But despite the name, it actually does a pretty lousy job at sealing ducts.  It doesn’t work well in dirty or dusty conditions…and you can’t get dirtier or dustier than an air duct. Also, the tape tends to fall off as it ages and the adhesive dries out.

Myth: Fans Lower the Temperature in Your Home
Fact: A fan’s function is just to circulate the air, not to cool it. The same amount of energy is still needed for the air conditioner to reach the set temperature. Using just a fan will help save energy, but using both will just increase energy use

Myth: Closing my AC vents will save me money
Fact: AC vents are only made to close for personal comfort reasons, not to save money. Shutting off a vent won’t stop air from flowing to that air duct, the air just will not be able to get out of the vent. This means that you will be spending money just to cool your ducts.

Myth: To cool off your home faster, set the thermostat a few degrees below the temperature you actually want
Fact: Not a good idea. Your A/C replaces hot air with cool air at a set rate of speed; you can’t make the unit work any faster by lowering the dial beyond your desired temperature.

Myth: It’s best to purchase the biggest unit because they work best.
Fact: This is not necessarily true. HVAC units work more efficiently and effectively if they are specifically suited for the square footage, insulation level, amount and facing direction of windows and more of a home as well as the needs of the homeowner. It would be best to get advice from a professional on what your needs may be.



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